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The Knoxville Area Psychological Association (KAPA) is a regional affiliate of the Tennessee Psychological Association. As an organization, our mission is to advance psychology as a profession and a science, to promote the mental health of our community, and to further the education of its members by offering continuing education.


From the Tennessee Psychological Association:

Front-line health care workers are facing tremendous challenges as they work to treat and contain COVID-19. Please complete this brief survey if you are interested in being included in a referral database of TN based community providers with availability and willingness to provide telehealth services to front-line medical staff from Vanderbilt University, and other hospitals across the state.



    News from the Tennessee

    Psychological Association:

TPA is monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. 

Based on questions asked and information received, we wanted to share the following information at this time: 

First, we are aware that many active patients may be unexpectedly leaving the state due to quarantine, travel restrictions, etc. We’ve been asked whether Tennessee licensed practitioners will be able to offer telehealth services to patients leaving the state.

We consulted with ASPPB and they are trying to find out which states have declared emergencies, what is in their state of emergency, and if it includes a suspension of the rules/laws to allow for interjurisdictional telepsych electronic practice.  But as of now, they recommend contacting each state to see what their laws and regulations are pertaining to telepsych. Here is a link to the ASPPB website for the email address to all states.

Second, and of additional note, the following order was signed by Governor Lee regarding Tennessee’s response, including some previsions related to licensure that members may find of interest: Click here to see signed order.

Third, TPA Board of Directors is monitoring the situation and is making provisions in case the April Trust workshop needs to be moved to an online format. Additional information will be forthcoming as soon as we know something.

KAPA programs are presented at the post-doctoral introductory level. The program's content is designed for psychologists who may have little or no background in the content area but who can become acquainted with the theoretical underpinnings, principles, methods, and perspectives of the content area.


Continuing Education Presentation:

June 30th (Tuesday) at 6:00 pm

(Postponed from 4/21/20 due to public health concerns)


Mark McGrail, M.D. &

Brittany McCafferty, Ph.D.

  • Substance use disorders, and especially opioid use disorder, have been declared a public health emergency by multiple organizations.  Patient with these diseases access the healthcare system through a variety of mechanisms and nearly all specialties of medicine.  It is imperative that providers across the spectrum of healthcare understands the basics of addiction medicine and, if not assuming the role as treatment provider, be able to assist patients who desire access to care for substance use disorders.  This presentation will provide an overview of addiction medicine, from diagnosis to screening to treatment, and enable the viewer to appropriately address the patient who presents with this disease.


This new KAPA website in designed to provide a usable interactive home space, connecting members to the organization, the leadership, and each other.

The site has been introduced in accordance to the 2020 KAPA board of director's intention to facilitate knowledge and community for East Tennessee psychologists.

Look around, and see what's new!


Meeting the Needs for Telepsychology

Dear KAPA Members:

As you are likely aware, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed an order declaring “a state of emergency exists to facilitate the response to COVID-19,” which includes provisions related to licensure: Executive Order

Partially in response to this order, KAPA is now receiving more questions than ever regarding use of remote telecommunication for the provision of psychotherapy consistent with social distancing efforts.

KAPA aims to provide some guidance regarding the legal and technological issues involved in providing Teletherapy, in order that our members can maintain continuity of care with their patients.

As can be seen on this page, the Tennessee Psychological Association (TPA) leadership, has arranged an online meeting (via Zoom) telehealth vendor TherapyApp to share expertise in the appropriate and ethical uses of telepsychology and to answer questions you may have: "TELEHEALTH INFORMATION SESSION."

This is a free meeting for all licensees in Tennessee. You can attend on either 3/19/20 or 3/24/20. Please use this opportunity to learn more about the ethical use of telehealth.

In addition, see the American Psychological Association (APA) website regarding the new APA guidelines for telepsychology and new resources for psychologists to use:

APA Telepsychology Guidelines:

1) Informed Consent Telepsychology Checklist. [For use in your clinical record.  Please add your own letterhead.]

2) Office & Technology Preparation Checklist.  [For reference to prepare your office and practice for telehealth.]

JUST RELEASED (3/17/20: Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet


D. Malcolm Spica, Ph.D.

KAPA President


Dr. Michael Oliver

The Pat Summitt Clinic Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory - Department of Neurology, College of Medicine

University of Tennessee Health Science Center


Ten Questions with Dr. Oliver

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